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My IMDB Connections

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It’s late and after finishing a thriller of a novel and I decided to surf around the web a bit.  What should I find but one of my very best friend’s profiles on IMDB.  How cool is that?  Add that to the fact that we live across from the street from someone with a rather longer IMDB profile and we’re just swimming in Hollywood connections!

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August 30, 2007 at 10:10 pm

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No Food for You!

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After my morning conference calls I went up to Franklin St. to grab a burrito from my favorite burrito dive ($3.17 for a black bean beauty. Yum!). Unfortunately today the credit card machine was broken I wandered back into the crowded swelter of Franklin St and looked around for another spot to eat.

Because I still had a hanker’n for a burrito I went to what I thought was the Burrito Bunker but is in fact now Joe’s Shack. “What the hay” I thought “why not try something new?”

So I went inside, noticing the slightly cold looks from the three grubby looking patrons. I walked up to the small counter and stood beside the register gazing at the menu of burgers, fries and burritos, thinking that this slightly restored dive had a certain eccentric quaintness about just how greasy it was.

I looked the lady behind the counter who was standing, facing me three feet away and I tried to make eye contact. She determinedly watched the fry cook. “What the heck” I thought “I’ll watch the fry cook too, maybe something important needs to happen before she’s ready to take my order.”

The fry cook emptied the fryer and filled a basket with glistening fries and a chili dog. The lady at the counter, a slightly alternative and grim looking 40ish white woman, ferried the food past me to her equally alternative and grim looking patrons before returning to stand directly in front of me, again staring stoically at the Hispanic fry cook. No acknowledgment of my existence. No eye contact.

20 seconds pass and the scene repeats.

Finally after ferrying three plates past me and standing behind the register rearranging the stuff on the counter between ferrying food another customer walked in and stands directly to my right, not a foot away.

The lady looks up, smiles/glares and says “How can I help you?”

I left and had better food else where.

On the whole I am pretty bemused by this. For one, having watched the fry cook work my stomach was turning at the thought of the food I was about to order but social norms kept me from just walking out. For two, this place wasn’t exactly rolling in business so I think it’s hilarious that they were to proud to serve the likes of me. For three, I think it is hilarious that I was to . . . to . . . preppy? to be served at such an establishment. I’ve never been denied service before and I think it’s hilarious that I was today for wearing an un-tucked button down, khakis, and brown leather shoes (and this isn’t even Carrboro!).

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August 30, 2007 at 12:47 pm

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Pulled from the Drafts Folder

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(Typed up six days ago)

The dusk is settling on Chapel Hill, casting its glow through the end of another hot August day. Outside the cicadas are rattling, inside Charity is cooking in the kitchen and on the love seat I’m pondering the future. Outside our street is lined with cars signaling the arrival of the students and the start of classes tomorrow . . . and for the first time in four years I won’t be one of them.

It’s a strange thought, brought home by being turned away from the gym this afternoon as I tried to fit in one more workout before my summer privileges expired, and it has me wondering about what this next year will hold. It has me wondering about being a student, a professor, an ambitious career climber, and a regular old joe in a job somewhere.

I told Charity and myself that in addition to whatever job opportunities come during this next year I’d try to do a little journaling and a little reflecting. Our pastor issued one of his excellent calls from the pulpit to think about what God has us doing and whether or not we’re paying attention to those things. Now that task requires enough reflection to know what it is that God is doing . . .

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August 26, 2007 at 5:57 pm

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My First Ride

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As my mother is cleaning out her filing cabinets and shedding the collected items of 30+ years of marriage and 29 years of motherhood. Occasionally she sends me items she thinks are funny or worth keeping.


I’m scoring this one in the funny category. This is the gleaming brochure for my first car which came off the factory line complete with bench seats, AM radio, and rear windows slits that swiveled open. The tagline on the inside reads “A great way to meet your family’s needs – and do it in style.” Let’s just say my great-grandmother had taste in cars.

By the time I got it the stereo had been upgraded to a tape deck/AM/FM radio and it had developed the ability to accelerate into 4th gear without the driver depressing the gas peddle in the mornings.

Not just any Clemson freshman could boast such a ride. Over the three years I drove it it garnered a history of stories like the time I blew the exhaust pipe in half by punching the gas too hard (nothing some temporary duct tape and a $10 welding job couldn’t fix).

When my grandmother gave me her car half-way through college (the car I still drive) this one was retired to the used car lot. Apparently it was safe enough for me to drive but not safe enough for my sister!

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August 21, 2007 at 12:24 pm

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Sawgrass Bouquet

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Our sawgrass has rocketed upwards over the last couple of weeks despite the heat and the drought. It looks really cool in the back yard with the fronds waving 10 feet up in the air, situated just in front of the crepe myrtle.

Charity went out into the yard today while I typed away against a deadline and brought these inside.


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August 18, 2007 at 4:27 pm

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It’s HOT.


100+ yesterday, today and tomorrow . . . come on sweet fall!

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August 9, 2007 at 1:28 pm

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Exciting Evenings

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I was telling Charity the other day that even though the Mac commercials make me think that Mac is cool and PC nerdy they also make me want to buy a PC. So what if what I want out of a computer is a word processor and excel spreadsheet? Maybe being nerdy is simply accepting who I am!

And just to prove the point, what exciting Monday night activity might we be engaged in tonight? Excel spreadsheets and white boards with flow charts . . . about the FUTURE (imagine ominous music here).


Exciting times huh? Charity thinks so. Her stomach has been in knots as we look at projected cash flows over the next four years.

After expanding out a cash flow for 30 years and summing the difference between starting salaries I announced that one option would yield $_______ over 30 years. She seemed unimpressed. This exchange ensued:


“You seem unimpressed.”

Charity: (bored)

“Your assumption is that because we would have $_______ more over 30 years I would be happier.

Besides, your assumptions are wrong . . . (explains why)”

Me: (chastened)


Charity: (with slightly haughty look)

“Also, you also have not calculated my indifference curve correctly.”


stunned silence.

* * *

Exciting evenings at anyone? We’ll bring the spreadsheets!

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August 8, 2007 at 6:13 pm

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