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Running, Walking and Talking through the Neighborhood

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bricked-in-tree2.jpgOne of the many benefits of our current location is its proximity to one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Chapel Hill. running2.jpg

Since today is the prettiest day we’ve had in Chapel Hill since April, Charity took a run around it. I followed on foot, snapping pictures until she nearly lapped me.

After she slowed, we walked together in the cool air discussing our dreams and our realities in regards to careers, finances, and the Not So Big House.


Here are a few of the interesting and beautiful things we saw as we walked together through this sunlit autumn evening.

(the pictures are cropped to highlight details of a photo, click on them to reveal the full shot)

entrance-art2.jpg .slate-sidewalk2.jpg



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September 17, 2007 at 8:12 pm

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A Pearl

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A friend of mine garnered this quote from a coworker earlier this week:

“The plural of anecdote is not data.”


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September 9, 2007 at 7:52 pm

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How Long Will I Live?

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I recently read about the longevity game and decided to give it a quick whirl.  I thought the end shots were pretty funny.

This is me with my current lifestyle (cool headband eh?).


This is me if I did everything wrong.


I really like the details in this picture. (no comments please about which I actually look like)

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September 7, 2007 at 6:17 pm

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On Meditation

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Tonight I’m reading the second chapter of Celebration of Discipline in preparation for our conversation tomorrow with the Cs and Ben over breakfast. The passage below stuck out to me and I thought I’d type it up here, not because it typifies me but because I find it so utterly contrasting, so full of wisdom, so stunning that I stopped and stared at it.

To be honest, it makes me ache a little at the memory of how beautiful the “holy leisure” he describes is. My life right now doesn’t seem to have the space. I’ll probably take a job as a consultant on Tuesday. I’m behind on the projects I have. There seems to be a little man inside of me who is a flight with terror, running, sprinting, screaming “You! PAY ATTENTION! This is what matters! Your first job, the lynch pin of your resume, your access to this world, your family’s future, You CANNOT afford to fuck this up!”

It’s this tenor that beats as the background music of my day, thumping like Run, Lola, Run in my heart, wearing me down, making me impatient with those who don’t understand why everything needs to move so quickly and go exactly right, and causing me to stare exhaustedly at the ceiling into the night.

Like Wisdom among Folly Foster writes:

“We must come to see, therefore, how central our whole day is in preparing us for specific times of meditation. If we are constantly being swept off our feet with frantic activity we will be unable to be attentive at the moment of inward silence. A mind that is harassed and fragmented by external affairs is hardly prepared for meditation. The church Fathers often spoke of Otium Sanctum, “holy leisure.” It refers to a sense of balance in the life, an ability to be at peace through the activities of the day, an ability to rest and take time to enjoy beauty, an ability to pace ourselves. With our tendency to define people in terms of what they produce, we would do well to cultivate “holy leisure.” And if we expect to succeed in the contemplative way, we must pursue “holy leisure” with a determination that is ruthless to our datebooks.” Celebration of Discipline, pg. 27.

How little I am able to achieve this balance to be present. How beautiful it seems.

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September 1, 2007 at 8:00 pm

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Morning Glories

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The other morning I snuck back to our back fence and grabbed these shots of our morning glories. They’ve proven great covers for our fence: thick, hardy and beautiful. I think next year I’ll put some closer to the house so we can enjoy them more without having to brave the mosquitoes!



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September 1, 2007 at 1:43 pm

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