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After the First Day

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It’s late and tonight at our house has been uncharacteristically quiet with Charity wearing her bathrobe as a indoor winter coat curled up on the love seat under blanket and reading the last Harry Potter and with me reading a Eugene Peterson book. Around us the quiet tick-tock of the clock mixes with the hum of the heating vent and occasional car noise outside. Charity turns a page and I cough a little . . . quiet, small noises. Appropriate ones it seems to me. I don’t know what makes days like these different than the others, ones with more suffering or less in the world.

Last night I had trouble sleeping. It was a little bit the anticipation of something new, sporting a suit, commuting an hour by car, a office, and partially it was the cough that’s still with me . . . but mostly, as I laid in bed last night with Charity huddled beside me in her flannel pajamas, I had one thought that rang so clearly in my mind as I stared up at our green painted wall, one conversation last night after the congregational meeting where Dawn said, “You know the D’s right?” And I answered I did. “Did you know that S has relapsed? She probably won’t make it until Christmas.”

I didn’t know. I didn’t even know that S had been sick originally. I’ve only seen the D’s two or three times in the years since I’ve moved to Chapel Hill. When I was at Clemson I knew them as a set of cool seniors who I looked up to with some awe, especially D with what I remember as a quiet demeanor mixed with a booming laugh, sporty beard and guitar playing.

And since that moment’s conversation the echos of this couple from my Clemson days and times with them have come ringing back, slowly and truly.  It’s been just over a day of staring at this new fact and for me it is a silent and unchanging as the wall I looked at for so long last night as I laid under the many blankets of our bed.

Just now I sent an email to a friend from that age group and I’ve combed the internet looking for confirmation.

I’ve got no words at this point . . . only the silence and tick-tock of the clock . . . and I think that’s why I sent my Clemson friend that email tonight . . . I’m looking for someone to sit in this same silence with.

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November 19, 2007 at 10:44 pm

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Cleaning Out

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The question is thus: in my cleaning out today, do I keep the Hewlett Packard 48G Series Graphing Calculator Quick Start Guide and accompanying Users Guide?   Sure I bought it in 1996 and just took the plastic wrapping off but hey, I’ve moved with it on 13 different occasions and with the calculator and accompanying full sized poster it kind of makes a set.

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November 15, 2007 at 11:42 am

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A Question

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So blogland, I have a question for those of you who browse by here from time to time. Give me a moment to set up the two passages that have combined to make this question.

This morning I was reading and came across this quote,

“If we want to change our way of life, acquiring the right image is far more important than diligently exercising willpower. Willpower is a notoriously sputtery engine on which to rely for internal energy, but a right image silently and inexorably pulls us into its field of reality, which is also a field of energy.”

Under the Unpredictable Plant, Eugene Peterson.

In Celebration of Discipline Foster encourages his readers to think about what we can accomplish over the course a year or several years. He writes about being silent and listening and suggests that sometimes a direction or desire comes out of this. Trying to learn or accomplish a thing. Mostly he talks in generalities but gives examples about learning to weave, or make pottery, read all the writings of Lewis or another author in the next year, or become qualified to work with handicapped children over the next 5 years.

So combining these two thoughts, I’m curious, what thing or things are you building towards, quietly or not so quietly in the background or foreground of your lives?

When I came to Chapel Hill I had a clear vision: I wanted to hang out with old people, I wanted to participate in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, I wanted to hang with the folks in my department, be involved with international students, and I wanted to be involved in church. I’m thankful for starting with those visions even though I didn’t live up or keep those goals.

As I enter into a new phase of life I’m hoping to look around at other people’s visions and to smile at what people are doing, hoping for and working towards.  As someone who’s becoming more tactile, I wonder what kind of hands on pursuits people work towards.

Feel free to comment anonymously if you’d like to stay out of the lime light but please comment if your reservation is feeling silly because you’re baking your way through the Hershey’s Cookbook (as my cousin is). I think this kind of stuff’s really cool and I’m looking of “right images” to be drawn toward.

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November 13, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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A Room with A View

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On Sunday night I finished my second E.M. Forster novel, A Room with a View.  It was my second Forster read and though I never hit a passage whose prose glimmered like A Passage to India, it was an interesting read.

What I liked most about A Room with a View was Forster’s careful noting of what a character says.  As his characters make declarations and take actions he quietly follows behind them, observing and commenting on the intentions and their self-deceit.   I don’t know what I make of some of his conclusions but I like his commentary.

I also liked the character of Charlotte, a woman who puts her self in the way at every opportunity, apologizes for being there, and then makes people feel guilty for condemning her.  She was an interesting character and one that I hadn’t encountered before.  I appreciate having a new type to think about as I encounter people.

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November 13, 2007 at 1:13 pm

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It’s nearly 11am on this Friday morning and for the first time in many, many, many years I am in America and legitimately don’t have a thing to do.

I’ve finally wrapped up my responsibilities from my part-time consulting job I’ve worked for the last year and several months and I don’t start my new, full-time job until the 19th    .  .  .

Wow!   The trees even look brighter.

Once I wrap up my list of chores I might even have time to decadently engage in some guilt-free mid-day reading.

Praise God!

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November 9, 2007 at 10:56 am

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