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Community Gardening

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This year we’re hosting a community garden in the backyard.  The previously cultivated area, with its fantastically amended soil, is simply too big for us to make use of all of it.  Several folks had mentioned to us over the winter that they would love some garden space and now they have it.

It’s great for us as it means less mowing and weeding because they’re subduing sections of the yard instead of us and we’re delighted to have the company.  Kudos to Charity for this great shot capturing the scene Sunday afternoon in the gorgeous central NC weather.

It’s a bit nostalgic for me to be a part of a group of folks farming in CH, community style.  One of the old photos of me as a three-year-old is my mom, myself, and my brightly colored plastic wheelbarrow in front of our community garden in Carrboro, not 3 miles away from where I’m typing this morning.  I think it’s pretty cool that 27 years ago I was a part of a community garden and yesterday I was again.

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March 23, 2009 at 7:51 am

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Go Heels!

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We’re in full basketball mode here in Chapel Hill.  I did a grocery run after the game ended around 8pm and it was hilarious to see almost every late evening shopper in all three stores dressed in blue.

My bracket on ESPN.com is somewhat deflating.  Currently I’m ranked as number 2,680,282 and that’s up 200,000 spots from this morning.  Being in the 42nd percentile strikes at my pride by confirming that I am indeed below average.  Most people think they’re above average, myself included.  It’s a little rough to be confronted so regularly with irrefutable evidence that in this realm of life, I’m decidedly not.  I think it’s good for me.

Here’s hoping the Heels keep winning.

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March 21, 2009 at 9:06 pm

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King Alfreds

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Some people have a mommy blog.  I am aware that I am slowly slipping into having a garden blog but how can you not write about something you’re so excited about?  I’m pleased as punch to see these peaking out at the passers by.  Last year I separated and transplanted these white and yellow beauties from the backyard out onto the front embankment. I hope they bring an extra bit of celebration to the neighbors.


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March 18, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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No No Line

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NoLineCoverArtI’m loving listening to No Line on the Horizon, the newest U2 album.  It’s earned high praise from a drinking buddy of mine and I’m enjoying it more and more as I find snippets of time to spend with it.

Particularly I’m loving Moment of Surrender which is the best marriage song I’ve ever heard.  I’m forever wondering why musicians don’t write more about marriage and less about new found love.  Maybe because the many years of marriage are a deeper magic that’s hard to capture . . . maybe you have to be old and married to love that magic.

I’m longing to spend some time with the rest of the album.  And I am so so so excited about going to the Charlottesville show.  And who knows, maybe DC as well.


Thanks to Wordle for a bright and fun way to get to know the album.

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March 17, 2009 at 3:03 pm

Snow on Campus

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It doesn’t snow much in Chapel Hill these days but it has twice this year (which is twice more than Charity’s first 3.5 years here).   Instead of tearing across campus on my bike concentrating on dodging pedestrians, when it snows or rains I trade quick for dry and stroll through campus with an umbrella.  I’m pretty thankful for how pretty my commute is and it’s nice to slow down occasionally and really take it in.

The North Quad.  The brick path leads to my building.


The Old Well.  I like the bright color of the bricks behind this landmark.


A final shot of the North Quad with snow covered lampposts running off to the background.


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March 15, 2009 at 10:39 am

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Does this mean I’m geeky?

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This really has made me laugh all week.



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March 7, 2009 at 9:25 am

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Last night we were invited to a truly fabulous meal by our friends Jane and Scott.  They served up 12lbs(!) of fresh mussels covered in a fantastic tomato, cilantro, bacon sauce with fresh homemade multi-grain french bread, roasted potato slices, and homemade strawberry short cake.  Gin and tonics, cucumber gin drinks, red and white wines, and coffee were served in succession.  It was all very, very tasty.  I was in awe of these newlyweds whirling around their small kitchen, delighting to furnish us with such food and drink.

That was last night, today it’s Sunday and as a driving rain descends for the second straight day I’ve realized that more than the fantastic food they served, I’m deeply encouraged by rest that Scott and Jane gave me last night.

My only efforts of the night were reaching to the back of the top cabinet for new wine glasses (I’m seven inches taller than the host).  Otherwise I bantered with Steve, teased Kaelen, and talked about work with Elizabeth while Scott and Jane whirled around me pouring wine, refilling water, and replenishing the mussels and the bread.  cheeseplateatscottandjanes1As I caught up with Drew and Lauren, plates disappeared and new ones appeared furnished with deserts.  As Kaelen and I played paper football with a spoon, wine glasses vanished and coffee arrived.  When I looked up, the counter was clear, the sink empty, and the stove wiped.

I didn’t realized until today, the day of rest, how much I needed the rest that they provided last night.  The food was great, but the rest was better.  Today I’m hungry again, but the peace they brought to me still stills my so often frantic spirit and balms my tired soul.

Thanks Scott and Jane.

Thanks God for such a gift and such a community.

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March 1, 2009 at 2:33 pm

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Home Improvement

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Last week, whenever we tried to flip on the outside lights, a buzzing noise would begin to build:  bzzzzzzZZZZZ pop!  And out would go all the lights on that circuit.

To try to avoid the expense of an electrician I replaced one of the light switches.  Though it didn’t fix the problem it got me on a home repair kick.  I weatherstripped both exterior doors (no more cold air blowing on our feet), fixed the leaking washing machine, and installed a new outside light.

Our small group of friends has been talking a lot about building the Kingdom.  I think there is something profoundly humanizing about the ability to make changes for the better in the places we live.  It was felt good to bring some order and improvement to A&C’s little corner of the world.

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March 1, 2009 at 1:16 pm

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